Closed for 2020.

A rainy Columbus Day

Is Columbus Day too early to talk about prepping for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Well, we normally are not open on Monday but I thought I would open for Columbus Day since some people were off work and school. But it's raining so I don't think we will be too busy. 

No time for slacking though. We are busy working on our class schedule, which we are very excited about. (If you are too, send us your email and we will include you in our notifications.)

Hand Sewing


Canning How-To

Candle Making

Nature Painting


Dry Flower, Evergreen and Centerpiece Arrangements

Several of these are designed for you to not only to learn how to DIY, but to make handmade gifts for Christmas and the holidays.

You can also shop here for some one-of-a-kind gifts like my favorite Camo Christmas Stockings, handmade at The Farm In Harmony.