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Conflicted Morning

Every morning I wake up and find two families of geese roaming around the soy beans and sometimes crossing into my vegetables... Yeah, they are cute, and my husband who was an avid hunter would have been shooting with more than a cell phone (if it were goose hunting season of course.) I can forgive them for eating some of my ornamental corn. They shouldn't just pick on the soy beans.

This morning I saw them at a distance and it looked like there was some ruckus going on. It actually looked like a dog was running around the field as well. I couldn't figure out why they were not scattering but almost playing. Then I realized it was a deer. 

I wasn't quite sure what to feel. On the one hand I was upset for the soy bean farmer. They were too far away to yell at. But it was actually quite fun to watch. It kind of felt like when a little kids says something bad, but it's funny because they don't know what they are saying. You want to reprimand them but you're trying to not let them see you laugh. 

 I resolved my conflicted feelings by sitting back and enjoying the show. It was beautiful to watch them play. It just so happened the farmer was coming down to plant our corn maze this morning, so I reported their bad behavior to him. Conflict resolved.