Closed for 2020.

Harmony Girls Social Network

The Farm In Harmony introduces a monthly get-together for local women business owners. This unique experience provides business owners an opportunity to meet each other and get to know the local services they provide.

The gatherings will be held at The Farm In Harmony, 231 Brainards Road, in Harmony Township, from 6-8pm on the first day of each month. The first meeting will be held on May 1, 2018. Each month will highlight a different business or topic. Visitors must pre-register.

While developing different concepts for The Farm In Harmony we began to meet many local women with small businesses. For example, a yoga instructor, a seamstress, a primitive wears shop owner and a variety of women that make and sell handmade items.

This small businesses trend is inspired by a variety of reasons such as the state of the economy, working from home with a small child, or many just start hobby businesses for additional income, after wondering, “how are we going to pay for the kids’ college?”

Juggling also seemed to be a common thread. These women wear many hats and are wives, moms, heads of households, chief financial officers, and are marketers, in charge of the supply chain… things big companies all handle with individual employees.

In putting this project together we thought about your needs. Rotating the day of the week allows the possibility for more women to attend. It is also easy to remember. Trouble finding someone to watch the kids that evening? If your child is old enough to make thank you cards or other project for our Veterans programs, bring them along. We will keep them busy. Also feel free to bring snacks and beverages for the social networking time.

Mary Walker of North Jersey Yoga will do a short presentation of her services for our first meeting. Mary is a Certified Yoga Teacher with nearly a decade of teaching experience.  She focuses on sharing this health practice with all types of clients including Moms/families, group/corporate and individual clients.  She has a passion for improving the lives of others through action leadership and with her new business, M-Power Yoga and Wellness in Harmony, NJ, she plans to do just that. In addition to being a place to improve personal well-being through yoga, breathing and meditation, Mary also offers essential oil education and techniques to relax, grow and be your best, M-Powered-Self!

Mary will also be running Yoga for Veterans here at The Farm In Harmony, beginning May 7th.


Greetings:  6-6:15

Presentation & Q&A with Mary:  6:15-6:45

General Q&A - Ask others “how to” questions:  6:45-7:15

Social Networking:  7:15-7:45


Don't forget to pre-register via email at, Subject line: Harmony Girls Social Network. (For local women business owners only.)