Closed for 2020.

Next Project. Who is in?

Today is the last day for the POW/MIA corn maze. It will be harvested at the end of next week (pilots still have a chance to fly over.) The farm stand is still open until around December 16 with some nice soaps for stocking stuffers – including a camo soap that goes great with our camo stockings –  and some other hand sewn, crocheted and knitted items.

As I was setting up a display of some scarves my mom made, I realized that I wanted some more variety. So I went to the store to get some more yarn for her to knit. She doesn't mind because she likes to keep busy. 

But like fabric, I have an addiction to yarns. I can't help but purchase fabrics and yarns I just love. I know, it's a problem. And a vicious cycle begins. I purchase the yarn, give it to my mom to knit or crochet the yarn, she develops an enormous stash of scarves. She usually does a few for Special Olympics. Then we switch to blankets. Last year she also crocheted lap blankets for Veterans. We do this for a couple months.

In all of this, I usually start a scarf myself but since I am limited in time, I usually turn it over to her around 2/3 of the way, for her to finish it. I know she secretly unravels it and starts from scratch, because realistically, everyone knits differently and in the end it would result in an awkward scarf. 

I am making progress though. This time I purchased a Mega Tweed - super big and easy to complete a project in no time. I may actually complete one this year (pictured in this blog)! I even watched a youtube video to do a stitch I have never done before. 

Now that I have given you that background, here is where the new project and YOU come in. 

Anyone interested in knitting scarves to be donated in Care Packages for Veterans/Active Duty?

I will provide the following:

Knitting Needles
Knitting Lessons if you don't know how to knit
Crochet Lessons, if you don't catch on to the knitting

You provide:

Your Skill
Commitment of Time

I am still working out some of the details, like recipients, schedule etc. But, hey, the corn maze will technically be open for a few more hours, so I would like to take a few minutes breather. 

Email me if you are in... We'll go from there.