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Schedule? What Schedule

Every day I am sure you do the same thing as I. Wake up with some idea of what you want to accomplish that day. And some days life throws little (or big) surprises at you that just derail your schedule. 

Today started out slow, since I had to pick up my nephew at the airport. He just graduated from Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes.) Watered plants. Computer work. Leave for airport. Return from airport and now it was time to get a little dirty. 

Yesterday Taz (my little rototiller) discovered a rock that did not seem to want to move at all. So I stayed clear until today, when I was able to grab a shovel to see if I could pop it out. Well, the best way to illustrate what happened is with pictures. They are worth a thousand words....

This was what I could see of the rock at 5:56.

This was the rock at 8:07 pm.

From another angle...

And at 8:17 pm from yet another angle (right at the edge of the garden just to the left of the Stella.

And I think at about 8:39 I found all the edges. We shall see tomorrow as it was getting too dark tonight.

Just gotta look on the bright side. I think my blog will never be boring!