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The Backbone of America

There are two groups of people and their families that I think make up the backbone of America – farmers and veterans.

I am not speaking from the perspective of a relatively new farmer, but from years of watching our local farming families try to keep their businesses alive. And at the same time trying to convince their children to carry on the tradition.

Last Thursday we planted our corn maze. Our first and, Lord willing, one of many that will always recognize and honor veterans, like my husband Fred who served in Vietnam.

I had some time to talk to the farmer helping me plant the maze – young guy and 4th generation farmer. His dad was running the tractor. He is so a knowledgeable and I always learn a lot when we have opportunity to chat. He picked a weed from the edge of the field and said, don’t let this weed get out of control. I forget the name but he showed me how to identify it – the leave looks like a horse’s tail and evidently it no longer responds to Round Up.

The planting conditions were perfect. Just perfect. He was going to plant it at the end of last week but Mother Nature had other plans. It rained on and off for about a week and so he had to wait until it dried out a bit. The dirt was not too wet and not too dry and with some hot days coming the corn should be off to a good start.

As he was leaving for another long work day (and night) he pulled a pail filled with seed out of the truck and said, I’ll leave this incase he runs out. He then said, “We sell this to the seed companies for, now $4 a bushel, and they sell it back to us for $300.”

As far as the choice of our design, we have made the decision that each year our design will honor military service. My husband Fred served in Vietnam. He was awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star with Valor. Agent Orange gave him Parkinson’s at the young age of 58. He handled it with amazing grace for those 12 years.

Veterans have given so much to this nation and they deserve respect and honor from everyone that enjoys freedom in this country. That is why our corn maze designs will always be a reminder of service to this great nation.

We are proud to have selected the POW/MIA flag emblem for our 2017 Corn Maze design. We hope you think of these great men and women whether you are just looking at an aerial shot of the maze, or come and experience it in person.

It should start to grow any day. The pattern will be cut in at the end of July or beginning of August. Until then, here is what we have planned:

Tentative Corn Maze Design, 2017