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The Road Hard to Travel

It’s almost Spring, 2017 and we are semi-patiently awaiting it to arrive so we can start our first plants in our small, new greenhouse.

The journey for me started after the life changing experience of losing my husband Fred. Vietnam Veteran (helicopter pilot) hero, role model, inspiration, and just an all around fun guy. He had Parkinson’s, contracted by contact with Agent Orange, but that did not slow him down. Not one bit.

So a typical day for me was balancing projects while making sure Fred stayed out of trouble, took his medicine and had ice cream at all times in the freezer. Sometimes it meant waking up at 4:30 in the morning to help him set up goose decoys. Sometimes it meant halting making dinner when it was sun down and he wasn’t home from ground hog hunting yet, and wasn’t answering his phone. I would hop in my car and try to guess where he was hunting that day. I’d drive in that direction until ultimately I would see him heading down the road past me. 

Sometimes I would go with him. I’d grab my laptop and actually did my best writing sitting in the truck while he was hunting. He had a permit to hunt from the truck so he was in the cab and I was in the front seat, typing away. There were a few tense moments when I would get phone calls and would be trying to field client calls, just waiting for that “cover your ears” and having to explain what that noise was. Yes, my husband hunts groundhogs. They are nuisance animals you know, horses break their legs falling in their holes, tractors can break hitting them wrong…

Funny, when you get married people deep down think they are going to somehow change those little things they don’t like about you. Lets face it, its impossible to like every single thing about anyone, even your spouse. But what really changes you is when they are gone. And oddly enough you find yourself becoming more like them. You gain strength from their strengths, which is usually what you love about them in the first place.

Our partners in the farm, Ron and Kristi, have been there for me. And little by little I have sold them on the idea of developing this farm.

So this is my first blog post. An introduction of sorts to my latest project. Fred was usually the ring leader and we all followed. Now I tease them and say I’m the new Fred.