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Think Big, Start Small

What a beautiful day today was. So naturally since there is lots to do on the farm I spent most of the day outside. 

Last year I decided that I needed to rely less on other people and more on myself. So every day is a learning experience. My husband Fred would always say if you keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut you might learn something. 

Today was the first day I took my little cultivator out on the Moto. It was a little wet, but I decide the driest part of the fields were the berry patch and orchard. So, after my brother Angelo graciously helped me reattach a tine that came off on a test run, I headed out. After doing a few passes it was pulling a little differently. It wasn't until about 2 or 3 passes that I noticed one of the wheels fell off! It was a little comical turning around the corner and coming up on a tire that is supposed to be behind you. Undeterred I went and asked my brother if I could borrow his wrenches. After lugging a 25 lb. box of tools into the field I actually fixed it! Fortunately, other than the wheel falling off, there was no other apparent damage. 

I'm sure if any of the neighboring farmers saw me out there they had a good chuckle. I just hope none of them went by and saw me driving around with just one wheel.  But I was having fun with this new experience. 

After a few more passes I decided it was still a little too wet so I worked a bit around the plants by hand. Later on the in the day I got the Moto out again and gave it another shot.

I was practicing maneuvering around the plants and lawn and after about 15 or so passes I noticed a light on the dash. So I thought I better call it quits. Thought it best to get the manual out and see what that light meant. 

Fortunately when I pulled up to the garage I saw Kristi's son Alex. So I thought I would ask him if he knew what that icon was. You know, it was probably some universal symbol and since he rides motorcycle, quads, tractors, and much quicker to ask him than to dig out the manual. He wasn't too sure at first and then said, "IDK, looks like a seat belt." And after testing we determined that it was! I was thrilled that it was not a spark plug, which is what that icon looked like to me. 

Tomorrow looks like another beautiful day. I will be cultivating and prepping to put in peas, spinach, Swiss chard, lettuces and other spring crops. 



Yesterday I decide to look up that icon anyway to make sure it was the seatbelt - since it didn't light up again. Apparently is is something called "override". I will have to call the company and have them explain what that is, but it didn't seem like anything bad.

It was another adventure in cultivating. While the fields have dried out from the massive amounts of rain, there is an area in one of the larger fields that retains water. Today one of the young ladies that helps us in the greenhouse was running the cultivator. She was a little upset when she came over and told me she got stuck in the mud. I was calm. I said, it has a winch on the front and I know someone can come pull us out, but let's pretend we don't have help and go try to get it out." I told her to grab a shovel and I grabbed two paver blocks sitting nearby. 

We headed out to the field and I assessed the situation. First we disconnected the cultivator. Backing out would be easiest. It was like walking in quick sand. So I threw one paver behind each of the back wheels, and a few rocks she picked up from the fields. I told Lindsey to drive as I got in front, ready to push. Made sure she had it in reverse... twice. And it amazingly drove right out. I said, "see, no worries." (Then I told her for her punishment she would have to go get the pavers out of the field.)

Maybe we'll enter in the Mud Bog at the Warren County Farmers' Fair this year.

I figure if that's the worse thing that happened to us all day, we are doing so much better than most of the people in the world.