Coming Summer 2017 – Farm Stand & Corn Maze


Things are heating up in the greenhouse as we begin to plant our 2017 crops.

A majority of our plantings are Heirloom and we will have some plants for sale. We will have a limited amount of patio plants for those don't have room for a garden, but love to cook and experiment with a variety of spices or would like to have fresh hot peppers or tomatoes on hand during the summer. 

Here's what we got in store.


Lots of heirloom tomato and pepper varieties, both hot and mild.

Tomato varieties include: Marglobe, Romas, Cherokee Purple, Beefsteak, Moneymaker and San Marzano.

Pepper varieties include: California Wonder, Yolo Wonder, Sweet Banana, Poblano, Serrano, Jalapeño and Alma Paprika Cherries.

Of course we have heirloom eggplant, lettuces, and other vegetables.


As we love to cook our farm will be loaded with a variety of spices. Potted plants well suited for patios and balconies will be for sale. We will have plenty of fresh herbs on the farm to pick throughout the year. Kristi loves to talk recipes and is the queen of Pinterest.

Some spices include thyme, oregano, parsley, a variety of basils, chives, sage and savory. 


We will be cultivating a variety of flowers for a variety of reasons. 

- Wildflowers and cut flowers

- Dried flowers

- Flowers for pest control


Natural Dye Plants include:

Woad (Isatis tinctoria) 
Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria)
Japanese Indigo (polygonum tinctorium)
False Indigo
Dyer's Broom (genista tinctoria)
Chinese Lantern Seeds (physalis alkekengi) 
Rose Madder (rubia tinctorum)
Bidens, (biden aurea)
Dyer’s Chamomile (anthemis tinctoria)
Aronia, also known as chokeberry

These are some of the most colorfast plants for dying.