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Our Story - From Mouth To Farm

It's March 2017 and it was a little over a year ago that a friend made the comment one day, "I always wanted to make soap." So I replied, "let's do it." 

That year I had grown pumpkins, as I had for the previous four years, for an event known as the Last Fling Pumpkin Sling.  Every year there would be a lot left over. The variety, La Estrella, is a hard and meaty pumpkin that is excellent for baking. We tried to donate them to food banks, but they could not take them. We offered to bake things to donate, but sadly it is not that easy to help feed someone that needs a little help. So I began to research what could be done with these pumpkins. I discovered how good pumpkin is for your skin. I made this simple Pumpkin Scrub that was awesome.

Perhaps that inspired my friend's comment about the soap. I don't recall. But that night we were both researching soap recipes. The next day when I saw her I said, "I ordered all the stuff to make the soap. What day do you want to do it?" And so we made our first batch of Pumpkin Soap. 

That spring we also began to grow vegetables and herbs on the farm, in addition to the pumpkins. Our next soap was Lavender Cedar, with dried lavender from the farm. Hops, rose pedal and even an unscented carrot soap followed, all from the farm. 

From here our ideas grew. If our minds were compared to one of the vegetables we grow, I would say a zucchini. Because once a zucchini plant starts giving fruit the zucchini just keep coming, and coming. And overnight the idea could become bigger than you want. You get to a point were it's huge and you just don't know what to do with it. 

So while we had a lot of ideas, we whittled them down to a few. Vegetables, herbs and an orchard for our culinary passion, dried flowers for our artistic side, soaps for pampering and plants for naturally dying fabrics. 

Lastly, as a way to honor the memory of my husband, Fred, who served in Vietnam, we are putting in a veteran themed corn maze.

Today the business has changed into a Farm Shoppe that is open seasonally, and that offers a variety of classes and community programs like our womens business owner group and Knot My Style Girls Boot Camp. We are also connecting with local veteran groups and helping support them with fundraisers and incentives for participation in their efforts. 

The Farm In Harmony will be a slice of Americana and we hope you come visit us this summer.